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Exporting step or dxf 3d file for fea (by Tim)

I think the software is great.

Has anyone tried exporting 3d files for use in FEA? I use Mecway ( for FEA and it can import dxf, step and stl files.

I exported the first Solvespace tute as a triangle (stl) file. I opened it easily in Mecway, created a 3d tet mesh and solved it. I was hooked!

I then exported the file from Solvespace as a wireframe step and later as a dxf.

When I imported either to Mecway, both files caused a crash with a netgen error.

I then exported the file from Solvespace as a surface step file (below). Again, Mecway crashed with a Netgen error.

Can anyone please advise what I might be doing wrong?
Fri Oct 9 2015, 02:45:19, download attachment tute01surf.step
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
I wouldn't expect a wireframe (STEP or DXF) to do anything useful for the FEA, since it's generally impossible to compute the volume of a part from its wireframe.

The STEP surfaces should work conceptually, but it's a complicated file format, presumably with some detail different from what Mecway is expecting. There's probably no big downside in just using STL, though, as long as you generate the mesh fine enough in SolveSpace (zoom in and regenerate, or adjust chord tolerance in config), and assuming the FEA code doesn't try to conform its tets to the input mesh.
Fri Oct 9 2015, 02:57:06
(no subject) (by Tim)
Thanks Jonathan,

I have just emailed you some detail from the Mecway manual. Hope it throws some light on it.
Fri Oct 9 2015, 03:13:56
(no subject) (by Tim)

The chord tolerance worked well. I have not tried to zoom and regenerate

Fri Oct 9 2015, 03:28:09
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