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Dimensioning in 3D ? (by Roland Frank)
Hello Jonathan.

I wonder how you did the Image shown on the Main Page (the
bracket with the four dimensions and one 90-angle).
Did you extrude an un-dimensioned sketch and then you set
up the dimensioning ?
Or is there another way to get an dimensioned/constrained
isometric drawing ?

Thanks for taking the time.

Wed Nov 20 2013, 13:42:06
(no subject) (by Roland Frank)
Aaah, i finally found out myself.
You added a Sketch in 3D and ticked the box "relax dimensions
and constraints" so that the solver does not take them into

I knew there must be a way ...

Wed Nov 20 2013, 15:13:13
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
To show human-readable dimensions on an existing model, I'd suggest checking "treat all dimensions as reference", not "relax constraints and dimensions".

"Relax ..." simply disables the constraint solver, so that any constraints and dimensions in the sketch have no effect. This is intended, for example, when finitely many solutions to your sketch exist, and you want the solver to pick a different one (for example, to flip the right triangle in

from the right to the left): you can disable the solver, drag the sketch somewhat close to the desired solution, and then re-enable it. The numbers shown on the dimensions may not correspond to the actual geometry of the sketch, since the solver is disabled.

"Treat ... as reference" keeps the solver active, but causes all dimensions to behave the same way that reference dimensions always behave, except without the word "REF" appended on the sketch. This guarantees that the numbers shown on the dimensions actually reflect the geometry of the sketch.
Wed Nov 20 2013, 22:46:42
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