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Selection suggestions (by Mike Lehmann)

Sometimes I had problems selecting the correct element. I hence suggest to add a "Select" submenu to the right-click context menu that will show all selectable items in a certain distance around the click point.

Also it happened to me that I selected a couple of elements and one wrong by accident. I then had to click in a free area and start again. It would be nice to unselect left-clicked, previously selected items, e.g. by holding down a modifier key like Ctrl.

Wed Sep 9 2015, 14:27:45
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
The ability to select from a list (in that context menu) of nearby items might be valuable. I'm not sure how to meaningfully describe them, but even just entity type (point vs. line vs. circle vs. ...) might be enough to help.

So that might be a reasonable feature to add. Of course, it's often possible now to narrow the selection by hiding unwanted groups, zooming in more, hiding unwanted entity types (points, normals, workplanes), etc.

As to the unselecting question: Have you looked at "Unselect Hovered" in the context menu?
Wed Sep 9 2015, 23:34:17
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
it is need to implement selection which caclulates distance to all entities around mouse cursor and pick the nearest. it should be like "voroni diagram".
Fri Sep 25 2015, 12:47:43
(no subject) (by Blinkenlight)
I'm a big fan of the way the JOSM OpenStreetMap editor handles selection of multiple overlapping entities (which most of the time become flat out nonselectable in SolveSpace currently): when holding the ALT key while clicking, it cycles through all entities under the cursor one by one (at each click, selects the next one instead). Just my $0.02...
Mon Sep 28 2015, 09:43:45
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
EAGLE does something similar, right-click to scroll through the list of nearby entities. I like that slightly less than a context menu, but it's probably quicker to implement. DrawOrGetDistance() could be modified to return a sorted list of the closest n pretty easily.
Thu Oct 1 2015, 17:13:58
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