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Further work and updates/upgrades plan (by Anton)
Dear Jonathan,

as I like your approach very much and it seems your program could be used in a number of open projects we do in an educational environment there is a question of whether you plan to improve the already good product or not?

It seems there's been not much progress since the stable release of 2.0 back in 2013. As long as the long period speaks for stability of the build and a good design concept - some suggestions even here on the forum tend to indicate that there is space for further improvement.

Please, let us know if you plan to work on solvespace 3.0 and if yes what are your visions for the features to be implemented?

Thank you! )
Wed Jun 24 2015, 17:58:27
(no subject) (by Paul)
It appears that a version 2.1 should be available soon based largely on the branch maintained by whitequark. The main features of that will be the Mac port and the GTK3 version for Linux along with some bug fixes and minor features. I haven't seen signs of any really major features other than the ports but I believe there have been a few contributors.

Beyond that I started compiling a list of all the suggestions on the forum as a kind of unofficial roadmap. This list ranges from relatively minor things to major items. I ran it by Jonathan who seemed to be ok with it, but I need to update it and post it still. I don't know if anyone will ever get around to it, but I figure a list of items of varying difficulty may help attract new developers. The new ports will also open the door for non-windows developers to jump in.
Wed Jun 24 2015, 22:43:54
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
We are tried to make some branch, but completely rewrite SolveSpace at now. Basement is still there, but architecture dramatically changed using OOP approach. We have used visual script to develop "tools" like arcs, lines or constraints. Now we are upgrading geometrical core & booleans. i dont know, how we will pubilsh this project, but open source probably can be great alternative to us.
Thu Jun 25 2015, 02:13:38
(no subject) (by Anton)
Having some response from the community gives hope to see further work and even better software in the future (thank you Paul!), but having the author neglect the question, neither saying yes or no for his plan to work more on this tool is disturbing indeed. Sorry, if this is another annoying question for the developer not worth his attention because of the million duplicates out there.
Thu Jul 2 2015, 08:58:24
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Basically, like Paul said. The summary wishlist that he'd sent seemed reasonable, and would be good to post.

I'm sorry that you found my delay in response disturbing. I work on SolveSpace when I have the time and inclination. I've occasionally licensed the constraint solver under commercial terms, or done custom work derived from it. The return on my total effort invested is small, though, much less than an average recent grad from a good school will earn. It's free software, so I'm fine with that; but I also don't feel any obligation to promise a particular schedule.
Thu Jul 2 2015, 10:59:10
(no subject) (by Anton)
Dear Jonathan,

your software is nice there is no question in that, nor is the problem in your wish to support it or not. As I'm considering to use it in educational work I just wanted to know the possibilities, it seems the picture is clear.
Again, please, don't be offended by anything I write, you are doing a good job! If you'd had a donation button I'd use it to support your work!
Fri Jul 3 2015, 07:35:26
(no subject) (by whitequark)
I'm planning to contract out some improvements on SolveSpace very soon. I'll keep you updated.
Sat Jul 4 2015, 19:51:19
(no subject) (by Anton)
Dear whitequark,

that would be very nice, thank you and please, let us know the news as soon as there are some!
Fri Jul 24 2015, 08:28:09
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