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Best way to export full 3D model to AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc (by Josh Simon)
I created a model in Solvespace because I do not have admin privileges to install programs on my computer and my computer doesn't have the capacity to run a large 3D program anyways. I was hoping there was a way to transfer my model into AutoCAD so that a drawing could be made and the model become more useful to our engineering team.

Wed Jun 24 2015, 12:10:44
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
A STEP file (File -> Export Surfaces...) is probably your best bet.

You may be able to make the drawing in SolveSpace, though, by creating a new group and checking "treat all dimensions as reference", and then placing dimensions in the same way that you place constraints. That drawing may be exported in a variety of raster and vector formats (File -> Export Image or 2d View).
Wed Jun 24 2015, 17:20:03
(no subject) (by whitequark)
What I currently do is turn off constraints, surfaces, etc to leave only the wireframe of the model, then position the camera to get one of the standard projections, and export this as dwg. Then, I load it in LibreCAD (AutoCAD should work just as well), remove the extra edges (this is a very work-intensive step, unfortunately), dimension and label it.

The drawings can be done like that much quicker than doing the projections from scratch. I have had many parts manufactured this way already.

I plan to implement an "orthographic projection" mode where the edges obscured by surfaces would be hidden or drawn with dashed lines, despite the surfaces not being drawn, and also the coincident lines, circles, would be merged together so that the drawing is more easily edited when in dwg form already.
Sun Jul 5 2015, 03:09:58
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