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difference failing -- can you suggest a different way to slice it? (by John Griessen)
I'm getting close to sending some parts to print, so maybe I can get by with STL mesh output, but I'd like to try for STEP. I have a curvy cylindric shape that fails when cut at planes coming out from the center line.

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Mon Jun 22 2015, 10:22:14
difference failing (by John Griessen)
I tried yugami's method: exporting to step, importing to freecad 0.14 after editing some of the step boilerplate, and the result is not much use.

My lathed bspline shape was dropped. arcs that were then lathed were dropped. many flat faces were "drawn in red" so not exported.

Any hints on recovering usable models from this appreciated.

At this point, my method may go to multi-tool to get it done.
1. solvespace for design, (leaving out some curvy bits, stopping on red)
2a. Freecad to continue a design, do a boolean diff, add back missing faces.
2b. netfabb meshlab to work with triangle meshes and possibly go back to STEP representation ?
3. Output STL, (or keep it), for fabbing purposes.
Mon Jun 22 2015, 14:00:49
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