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exact meaning of red highlighting (by John Griessen)
I've gotten some red highlights and they seemed to go away when I removed accidental tiny slivers of empty space in my design.

Now I have some that won't go away. Is there some other meaning to them?

Thanks, John Griessen
Thu Jun 11 2015, 10:58:27
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
To try the above file also needs these files:
Thu Jun 11 2015, 11:00:32
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
I just loaded a newer version that is even tidier, yet still has red highlights.
Thu Jun 11 2015, 11:30:01
Now ... really ... (by Roland Frank)
Hello John.

If I got you right you are referring to the red highlighted
"faces", where solvespace just fails to create the resulting
Sometimes a different modelling approach will succeed.
But if I look at your models, you are doing volume
modelling, which will end up no good in solvespace.
Since Solvespace is lacking of a real geometric kernel
it will fail with most such operations.
Believe me, I tried a lot ...
Solvespace is sleek and nice and good for some basic stuff,
but the more complex the models get, the more likely
solvespace is to fail ...

I personally would advise you to take a look at FreeCAD.
Open Source, for Windows, Mac and Linux.

My english channel on Youtube:

(7 Videos already online, more to come ...)

Thu Jun 11 2015, 12:52:14
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
How are you planning to make this part? If you don't need to export a STEP file, then you can switch from NURBS Booleans to mesh Booleans by checking "force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh" in the first failing group.
Thu Jun 11 2015, 13:07:58
Another Example ... (by Roland Frank)
Look at my attached Turners Cube.
Go to G005-Lathe and untick "force NURBS to triangle mesh".
Then re-activate all groups up to G009 and you will
have your "red highlighted faces".

I tried some different ways but this turned out to be the only
way to get the model working ...

Thu Jun 11 2015, 15:09:12, download attachment Turners_Cube.slvs
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
@Roland I've used Freecad and was excited to find the parametric solvespace. The red highlights I get are along edges rather than faces. Does Freecad have parametric design now -- I doubt it.

@Jonathan I am going to get it printed with a filament printer in HDPE
for prototype tests, then also make a model of a mold for it, (by doing boolean difference -- even more complexity) to print in ABS. The ABS will be used as injection molding tooling for low pressure molding. I had those slots working earlier, then tweaked them and all red. I'll try simplifying the imported files that define the slots. When it comes to inj mold tooling, I will make the internal cone part of aluminum and mill some slots in it, so the curvy details I have in teh files enclosure-pcb-slots-1.slvs
enclosure-pcb-slots-flanking.slvs might not even make it to the real thing -- I'll simplify and see if red goes away.
Thu Jun 11 2015, 18:31:05
(no subject) (by marc britten)
I can't access the file to check but if its red edges try just hitting show naked edges.

Sometimes my design flakes out and highlights edges for no reason and when I run that it makes them go away.

Last time I ran into missing faces, I just finished the model - exported to STP and used Freecad to fill in the faces.

Way better than trying to use freecad to actually do work.
Mon Jun 15 2015, 15:39:15
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
Thanks for the productivity hints.
Tue Jun 16 2015, 13:46:21
Union vs Union (by Tyson Whitehead)
Was googling for red faces and hit upon this.

In my case it turned out that I really wanted to select assembly instead of union for several of my key pieces.

The red faces went away then.

Figured I would mention that here in case it helps anyone else.
Sat Apr 6 2019, 17:41:56
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