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Lofting (by Marcus)
Firstly, fantastic software and it's great to see a forum as well. I've tried to introduce as many people to Solvespace as I can.

I know that lofting is at the limits of Solvespace but I've managed to do a fair bit of lofting i.e. circle to square, helices as already covered in other thread but I'm struggling to accurately loft a truncated-oblique cone (just can't get my brain around this one). The methods I've so far come up with are:

1 layering cylinders with different radii (very messy)
2 Approximating the circles to polygons and extrude flat surfaces. (very time consuming)

Is there a way of doing this more quickly and accurately using Booleans?
Mon Oct 28 2013, 21:39:28
(no subject) (by Jon)
Do you have an example image of what you are looking to do?
Wed Oct 30 2013, 16:46:37
Lofting (by Marcus)
Hi Jon,

Examples shapes attached as a picture. The third from the left on the top row is the one I'm trying do. Thnkas
Wed Oct 30 2013, 23:23:12, download attachment shapes.jpg
(no subject) (by Jon)

Thanks for the image. I am not an engineer, but I put together an idea that you may be able to improve upon.

1. I stated by making a cone with the lathe function. Saved it to file as a part.
2. New file, import cone, constrain to plane so that one side of the cone is vertical. Sketch in new workplane. Make boxes for top and bottom, extrude difference to chop top and bottom off.

See attached for example.

I hope it helps a bit.
Thu Oct 31 2013, 02:26:43, download attachment
Lofting (by Marcus)
Thanks Jon for having a crack at this,

Unfortunately I think the result is an elliptical profile on the top and bottom of the cone, not a circle. I've attached a wire frame solvespace model. The top and bottom are circles. More head scratching I think!
Thu Oct 31 2013, 21:44:08, download attachment obliqueconewireframe.slvs
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