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extrude an import (by John Griessen)
I've created a drawing with a single sketch-in-plane in the #ZX reference plane.
It is all in workplane, flat. I named it enclosure-pcbpslots.slvs.

When I import it, I can drag it and make it have correct tilt by constraints, but can't figure how to extrude yet. Extrude requires a workplane. When I create another sketch-in-plane, it is separate from the group that was imported.

Rereading importing and wondering what to do next to import flat from a file, then extrude.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 18:58:49
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Options include:

(a) First create the workplane with "New Group -> Sketch in New Workplane", then import the section, then select the workplane (remember to show workplanes from inactive groups, with the icon at the far left in the browser window) and extrude.

(b) Import, then create the workplane explicitly with "Sketch -> Workplane". Then define the origin and normal (translation and rotation; only rotation matters here) of that workplane with constraints, select it, and extrude.

Option (a) is probably easier; (b) is very flexible, but harder to think about.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 19:09:57
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
I figured out b) just now. It had not occurred to me that workplanes would be movable. but then it did...

I had tried a), but forgot to "show inactive groups", so stalled on that.

I'll put these in my notes to self.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 19:28:02
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