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copy of a workplane contents to another plane (by John Griessen)
What's the best way to a copy of a whole bunch of construction lines that define location of a couple of tilted lines (for extrusion workplanes) to another like it?

Do it like an import? Put it in a separate file, then locate its origin when importing?

I'm not trying to have everything stretch parametrically, since that would need to constrain to a conic surface. So that tilt angle will become incorrect with stretching the diameter of the whole part.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 13:08:55
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Can you express the copy as a rotation and/or translation of the original? If yes, then the "step and repeat" groups might do what you want, even if you want just one copy. If that works, then that's probably the best option, because it's easy and keeps the parametric link.

Otherwise, an import could work, as you say. If file A imports file B, then you can constrain entities in A against entities in B, but not the reverse; so you should define as much geometry as possible in file B, or perhaps even create a file that contains only construction geometry and gets imported in multiple places.

As a fallback, you can always copy and paste. That's the least preferred option, though, since it either loses the parametric link or requires work to recreate that by hand.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 14:41:58
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
So, imported entities are "immutable". Yes, I read that, but it had not sunk in.

I'll try step and repeat of 1 then, because I want repeated supbarts to stretch with the overall electronics enclosure.

I guess I will try importing the cross section profile of the shelves-and-slot shape to extrude. It does not need to change as the overall changes. The places the imported profile is used, (at angles like 89.2 degrees), are not parallel or on a circle, so no step and repeat.

Just did a step and repeat and the way it gives you a draggable result is truly fine! It was very easy to make almost everything parameterized. The only parts not parametric now are along a cone surface away from the #XY plane.

Thanks for your help, John Griessen
Mon Jun 8 2015, 17:13:35
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