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zero vector! (linux gtk port March 2015) (by John Griessen)
I get hundreds of error messages like:

Vector::WithMagnitude(0.284222) of zero vector!

and they keep coming each time I cross the window edge of solvespace.

I'm using the gtk port on debian linux
This is SolveSpace version 2.1. Built 14:14:58 Apr 7 2015.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 09:16:03
didn't converge messages also (by John Griessen)
Have repeating messages about these on startup. The messages come at startup only. They come from many versions back in this drawing, whereas the zero vector! message is only something I did in the last couple of versions.

Is it safe to ignore these "didn't converge" messages? Are they intermediate results that eventually were solved?

didn't converge
have -nan -nan -nan
want -16.333 68.939 -16.333

have -nan -nan -nan
want 12.640 4.216 -19.333

have -nan -nan -nan
want 23.104 4.116 -2.084

have -nan -nan -nan
want 19.333 4.216 12.640

have -nan -nan -nan
want 2.084 4.116 23.104

have -nan -nan -nan
want -23.169 4.187 0.000

have -nan -nan -nan
want 0.000 4.187 23.169

have -nan -nan -nan
want 0.000 68.308 -21.595

have -nan -nan -nan
want 21.595 68.308 -0.000

have -nan -nan -nan
want -2.075 68.939 -23.005

have -nan -nan -nan
want 23.005 68.939 -2.075
Mon Jun 8 2015, 09:31:37
symptom happens with all versions really. (by John Griessen)
Early versions of my drawing have the symptom:

Vector::WithMagnitude(1) of zero vector!
Vector::WithMagnitude(1) of zero vector!
Vector::WithMagnitude(1) of zero vector!
Vector::WithMagnitude(1) of zero vector!
Vector::WithMagnitude(1) of zero vector!
Vector::WithMagnitude(0.357736) of zero vector!

every time I start to hover mouse over any object in the drawing
so it is highlighted yellow and again when mouse goes back to over background.

hundreds of messages per minute of doing any drawing.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 09:43:57
messages change when changing active group (by John Griessen)
Saying these come at startup was wrong. The messages come depending which group is active. for the flat sketch I get messages like

Vector::WithMagnitude(1) of zero vector!

and for the lathe group it is a slew of these each time I switch:

didn't converge
have -nan -nan -nan
want 20.157 72.237 7.980

100's of them.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 09:52:49
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
You can ignore those. All that output should really be suppressed except for developer use. In Windows, it's OutputDebugString(), which is harder to see by accident.
Mon Jun 8 2015, 12:35:50
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