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select workplane (by John Griessen)
I made many changes attempting to reduce dependence on a previous sketch-in-plane, then deleted a line in the previous sketch-in-plane and it caused 134 objects to be deleted. Undo got me part of the way back, but now I have the message, " select workplane bef. constr. hor./vert."

What to do? (besides draw it all over)...
Fri Jun 5 2015, 16:13:34
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
At some point, you probably chose Sketch -> Anywhere In 3d in that group. To fix that:

Activate the group in question
Hover the mouse over the workplane, so it turns yellow
Left-click, so it turns red
Choose Sketch -> In Workplane

If you've created entities in that group since switching to sketch in 3d, then you may get surprising results; those can be dragged or constrained out of the workplane, even if you happen to draw them in that plane initially. To check that, select an entity and view the browser window ("IN WORKPLANE").
Fri Jun 5 2015, 16:23:26
(no subject) (by John Griessen)
I got it back to usable. I did Choose Sketch -> In Workplane. The program used the default workplane even though I had been unable to get the first default workplane selected and red.
Fri Jun 5 2015, 17:56:30
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