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printing questions (by John Griessen)
I have a model that's getting some good detail and now I need to shop for
parts to go along with it before finalizing sizes of some shapes. I want a paper version of the drawing to scribble on.

When I ask for 2d view the construction lines get left off. Is there a way to include them in a print? They are in a previous sketch in the same plane and show as brown, not green.

Will I need to print with each sketch active, same settings, then superimpose the pdfs?
Sat Apr 11 2015, 18:34:36
printing questions (by John Griessen)
My first attempt at printing gave me tiny text relative to the shapes. Is there a way to control text size?
Sat Apr 11 2015, 18:59:22
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Construction lines are never exported, regardless of whether the sketch is active. Non-construction lines from all visible groups are exported, so there's nothing to gain by superimposing.

And text will appear with the same size relative to the model as it does on screen. To make it bigger, zoom out before exporting.
Sat Apr 11 2015, 19:12:16
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