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NotSolveSpace (by NotSolveSpace)
This is NotSolveSpace
Sat Feb 28 2015, 06:17:48, download attachment NotSolveSpace.png
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
This is SolveSpace based CAD :)
Sat Feb 28 2015, 06:18:38, download attachment NotSolveSpace.png
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
Solver Debug
Sat Feb 28 2015, 06:21:31, download attachment NotSolveSpace.png
(no subject) (by yugami)
What are you trying to communicate here?
Sun Mar 1 2015, 18:39:58
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
just showing how awesome idea is in basement of this project.
Sun Mar 1 2015, 23:01:44
NotSolveSpace looks not not awesome (by Dale Wheat)
Looking good! When can we see more?
Mon Mar 2 2015, 16:44:27
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
I hope it will be soon :)
Tue Mar 3 2015, 00:17:15
(no subject) (by yugami)
looks interesting, I can't tell from the limited snapshots but its still 3d as well? Is this based around the library with a new interface on top?
Tue Mar 3 2015, 08:47:13
(no subject) (by notsolvespace)
this is still 3d with better rendering engine. code almost completely rewritten with no id maps in oop style. improved solver equations with ability to build them through overloaded operators. also there is open cascade integration, but now its frozen.
Fri Mar 6 2015, 12:34:20
(no subject) (by Rune)
Is there a sourcecode.
How con ve integrate to build the next versione of SS? Jonathan what would
you like to see done?
Sat Mar 7 2015, 07:20:59
(no subject) (by Jon)
Any updates here?
Thu Apr 2 2015, 23:02:25
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
No, not today
Fri Apr 3 2015, 08:45:35
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
but what do you think about creation tools like this?
Fri Apr 3 2015, 08:54:18, download attachment Anandamide.jpg
(no subject) (by Dale Wheat)
They look pretty. Do they exist? Are they real?
Fri Apr 3 2015, 16:09:09
(no subject) (by Jon)
It is hard to say without hands on. But I agree does look pretty.
Sat Apr 4 2015, 16:24:25
(no subject) (by NotSolveSpace)
yes, this is real. all the tools made like this.
Mon Apr 6 2015, 10:13:24
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