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I can't define a workplane - how do I? (by Gary )
I am currently using sketchup pro v14. Impossibly unpredictable. I had Alibro Standard years ago until they folded or... I also own Moi3d. I want to be able to design very simple structures and decor items to be cut on my cnc router.

I haven't had much luck with anything other than corel draw 15.

I really want to be able to use a 3d parametric design package.

For example I am in the process of trying to convert a doghouse from 3/4" thick MDO to 1/2" mdo. This is a fairly complicated unit with about 30 pieces. Most pieces slot together so that the product can be shipped at a reasonable cost by bus or courier or mail. It really is a nightmare!

Finally to the point. I can't define a workplane, consequently I really can't use the package.

I have scanned through the online docs searching for an answer. There are about 100 references to workplane but none that I can use.

I may just be confused- it wouldn't be the first time!

Thu Jan 29 2015, 19:27:08
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Have you completed the first tutorial? That involves a few different workplanes.

If you're drawing 2d parts, though, then you never need to create a new workplane--draw in the default workplane, extrude once, and you're done.
Thu Jan 29 2015, 20:36:34
I can't define a workplane - how do I? (by Gary )
Thanks for the heads up. I did it and I get it. This way of working is amazing!

The tutorial provided a good start to learning SolveSpace.

Mon Feb 2 2015, 07:58:36
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