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hole through torus (by wolfmanjm)
I have created a torus by making a circle and doing a lathe. I want to put a hole through one part of the torus so I draw a circle and extrude it and select difference, but wherever that cylinder touches the torus it turns red and I get a ton of errors. Is there any way to do this? or to union a cylinder onto the surface of a torus?

Mon Dec 29 2014, 02:36:57
adendum (by wolfmanjm)
Additionally if I convert the torus to a triangulated mesh then I get a core dump as soon as the cylinder touches the surface of the torus, so that does not seem to be a workaround.
Mon Dec 29 2014, 02:45:50
core dump (by wolfmanjm)
This is the backtrace from the coredump (linux 32 bit version)

#0 0xb7a1f409 in _int_free (av=0xb7b56420 <main_arena>, p=<optimized out>, have_lock=0) at malloc.c:3987
#1 0x080ac32e in SMesh::Simplify (this=0xbfffb470, start=31) at mesh.cpp:240
#2 0x080ac662 in SMesh::AddAgainstBsp (this=0xbfffb470, srcm=0xbfffb460, bsp3=0xad5a888) at mesh.cpp:260
#3 0x080ac81d in SMesh::MakeFromDifferenceOf (this=0xbfffb470, a=0xbfffb450, b=0xbfffb460) at mesh.cpp:284
#4 0x080a8c2a in GenerateForBoolean<SMesh> (how=1, outs=0xbfffb470, thiss=0xbfffb460, prevs=0xbfffb450, this=<optimized out>)
at groupmesh.cpp:176
#5 Group::GenerateShellAndMesh (this=0xb39dda18) at groupmesh.cpp:348
#6 0x0809aa6e in SolveSpace::GenerateAll (this=0x81e4580 <SS>, first=0, last=2147483647, andFindFree=false) at generate.cpp:266
#7 0x080c33e5 in SolveSpace::AfterNewFile (this=0x81e4580 <SS>) at solvespace.cpp:286
#8 0x080c3b91 in SolveSpace::MenuFile (id=101) at solvespace.cpp:405
#9 0x08117151 in Fl_Menu_::picked(Fl_Menu_Item const*) ()
#10 0x08117b2e in Fl_Menu_Bar::handle(int) ()
#11 0x0810bc6c in send(Fl_Widget*, int) ()
#12 0x0810c0bc in Fl_Group::handle(int) ()
#13 0x08109f1f in Fl_Window::handle(int) ()
#14 0x08108962 in send(int, Fl_Widget*, Fl_Window*) ()
#15 0x0810981f in Fl::handle_(int, Fl_Window*) ()
#16 0x08109ce5 in Fl::handle(int, Fl_Window*) ()
#17 0x08127228 in fl_handle(_XEvent const&) ()
#18 0x08128a16 in do_queued_events() ()
#19 0x08128c51 in fl_wait(double) ()
#20 0x0810a838 in Fl::wait(double) ()
#21 0x0810a942 in Fl::wait() ()
#22 0x08052726 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff1e4) at fltk/fltkmain.cpp:1277
Mon Dec 29 2014, 02:52:11
(no subject) (by wolfmanjm)
Ok so it seems to work in the windows version when converted to a triagnle mesh, so this must be another Linux issue. Looks like the allocated memory is getting corrupted.
Mon Dec 29 2014, 03:18:12
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