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define a origin for G code export vs the auto generated one (by Scott)
I want define a origin for G code export vs the auto generated one .

it seems to randomly generate a center / origin on export .
It's not even center of area/mass .

it would be cool if i could place a datum or such to be the origin .

its a pain trying back figure the home vs origin .

and how do I use the text window to exactly enter location of a point or datum . I can only seem to place with the mouse, and the text window wont let me edit their locations.
Wed Dec 3 2014, 13:20:36
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
When you File -> Export 2d View, and the exported file format supports an arbitrary coordinate system (like DXF or G code, unlike PDF or EPS), the origin of the exported coordinate system is the origin of your view. To set that repeatably, select any point, and choose View -> Center View at Point.

You can place a datum point with constraints, the same as any other point.
Wed Dec 3 2014, 13:59:48
(no subject) (by Scott)
LOL i found this on my own before i saw this .
Very cool .
now all i need is safe Z , the return height to be adjustable.

other wise very cool stuff.
Fri Dec 5 2014, 01:21:31
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