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Propagation of changes in assembly (by Rune)
Hi the reference regarding assemblies says:
"Any changes to file A will propagate into file B when the part is regenerated".."When an assembly file is loaded, SolveSpace loads all of the imported files as well."

I have an assembly file A with constraints to an included file B that has constraints to an included file C
However I find that changes in file C does not propagate to A unless i load, regenerate and save file B. Is this intended and is there a workaround?

Thanks for all the answers
Tue Nov 11 2014, 11:09:40
(no subject) (by Anton)
I'm experimenting some things and it appears that the case from Rune is also interesting to me.

What I do is I try to make a drawing in file A which would be the final drawing for laser cutting. I do include several types of possible parts in separate files.

Let's assume I want one type of motor mount in one case and the other in the other case.

So I make file B1 and B2 which contain different types of mounts I need. I include one of them in file A.

Finally I have a constraint on my laser cutter. Which appears to cut 3mm holes when I apply 2.8 mm diameter into it. So I would prefer a way to change all 3mm holes with this correction of my particular laser cutter case. If we use files I would use file C with 3mm hole drawing. I would then import it in file B1 and B2. And would expect that changing C file will result in changes in fileA.

A <- B1 <-C <-change hole diameter

It would be too painful to open B files manually as there could be a plenty of them.

I also tried a different approach to this. Drawing all the different B parts as different groups in one file. But here I come to another difficulty when I want to reuse B1 drawing several times for example. It appears that I have either to redraw each time (or reconstraint), or I use Group Step rotating. But when I try to constraint the resulting rotated and copied group I fail for some reason...

Is there a way to solve this case in a parametric way?
Fri Jul 3 2015, 11:30:51
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
In delayed response to Rune's question, yes, that's intended behavior.

But for Anton's particular situation: Have you looked at "cutter radius offset" in the configuration screen? Then you can draw parts with their intended final geometry, and apply the kerf width correction only in your CAM data.
Fri Jul 3 2015, 11:43:25
(no subject) (by Anton)
The laser cutter we use is connected as a printer, using printer-like driver. I plan to use slightly corrected (with outer image editors) .svg output of solvespace model to laser cut using printer utilities.

I don't seem to find any possibilities provided by the laser manufacturer to correct radius offset though...
Fri Jul 3 2015, 11:59:24
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Kerf width compensation is a feature of SolveSpace, not the laser cutter software. To adjust that, go to the home screen in the browser, click "configuration" at the bottom, and change the "cutter radius offset". That offset will then be applied to any exported vector 2d section.
Sat Jul 4 2015, 17:09:57
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