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Usage of variables in Solvespace (by Olivier Cruilles)

I try to use the 'comment' constraints in Solvespace as variables as I saw in various threads, and to concept video made by 'whitequark' itself few years ago but I not able use it.
I create in a sketch a Comments as for exeample 'a=15' and I try to use it for a dimension constraint but it raise an alert each time.
I use the latest version 3 (github) of Solvespace but I'm not sure if this feature have been implemented in fact or maybe I don't use it correctly.

Can someone help me please ?
Thank you

Fri Aug 21 2020, 08:24:40, download attachment variable_constraint_comment.png
(no subject) (by Paul)
That has been discussed many times. But it is not a feature yet. Evil Spirit did some work and made a video, but this has not made it into 3.0.
Fri Aug 21 2020, 15:12:26
(no subject) (by Olivier Cruilles)
OK thank you for the info.
I will wait so.
Fri Aug 21 2020, 15:31:00
(no subject) (by Chinmay)
I started using a build by Ryan Widi a while back and have never used the official build since. It essentially eliminated the pointing-and-clicking in my workflow (model airplane 3 views). I can auto-generate the variables file from a design script once I make the drawing once time using the variables, and the same slvs file can display different designs by only changing the name of the variable file. It feels like LaTeX vs Word! Why not include Ryan's code in the official build?;parent=1383&tt=1469710256
And... my belated apologies for mentioning that the feature addition was closed-source. It's not!
Fri Aug 21 2020, 19:54:21
(no subject) (by SevDev)
Could this be used for something I was asking for here:;parent=24&tt=1597902206
Importing the constraints of some mesh to Solvespace, so it could be used to create a mechanism that fits inside? Or putting the constraints in manually? I don't mean in the common way for every object, but for the whole assembly.
Sat Aug 22 2020, 09:59:38
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