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Exported (stl & obj) not reflecting slvs file ? (by Richard Mountford)
I am new to solvespace so perhaps doing something stupid but the image I have produced in Solvespace matches what I want to print (well half of it anyway). Need to add the teeth when the export file matches what I want. The wheel has been created using a lot of unions - they don't appear on the exported file, all I get is a solid wheel. The desired output appears fine in the 3D view insed Solvespace. COuld you advise please.
System is Windows 10 Solvespace 2.3 ~7 cla 460
* Can only attach one file so have just inserted the slvs file.
If you want the obj or stl file let me know and will attach to another email.
Thanks in anticipation
Wed Jul 1 2020, 10:24:24, download attachment OptoSpeed04.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I think you problem is the second extrude, which should be a difference operation, via the union/difference radio button pair in the properties window. You could also create the ring by drawing two concentric circles in the first sketch, or even draw the plan of the wheel before extruding.
Wed Jul 1 2020, 11:49:58
(no subject) (by Richard Mountford)
Yes, thank you for the prompt reply, I've obviously got a fairly long learning curve to go.. again many thanks
Wed Jul 1 2020, 11:52:07
(no subject) (by David Given)
Also, the output file will only contain the currently active model. I keep forgetting to select the bottom group of my model before exporting, and then wondering where bits have gone.
Sun Jul 19 2020, 18:57:57
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