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Constraining Bezier curves (by sirion)
I have a (closed, non self-intersecting) shape made of Bezier curves and circular arcs (think of it as the icon of a cloud, if you wish). This shape is surrounded by a rectangle.

When I move the rectangle, I need the inner shape to move accordingly (i.e., their relative position should not change).
The only way I can think of to achieve this is constraining every single point on the shape to a vertex of the rectangle, but they are a lot! (more than one hundred, probably).

Is there any alternative? E.g., is it possible to "freeze" the shape of the shape (...ehm, sorry...) and then constrain just one single point on the shape to a vertex of the surrounding rectangle?
Wed Jul 1 2020, 07:28:37
(no subject) (by Andrew)
One possible solution would be to save the 'cloud' in a box as a separtae file. It can the be linked into another drawing, where it can be moved and placed as a unit, and extruded by selecting the a plane in the insert group.
Wed Jul 1 2020, 09:33:14
(no subject) (by sirion)
Thank you for then hint, but as I'm a beginner I have never used this kind of workflow and I have a couple of questions.

What I'm trying to achieve is a 2D profile to later print on a sheet of plexiglas. The "cloud" is the contour of a an underlying image.
I imagine I'll have to go through at least a few iterations to get exactly the print result that I need: is there any way to modify the shape of a linked object if needed? What happens if I open the project file of the linked object and modify it there? Do I get the update also in the main slvs file?
Wed Jul 1 2020, 15:59:53
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The main .slvs updates next time it is opened. With solvespace, it is necessary to open and save files that import a file, running up any dependency chain. You can create more sketch in plane groups over the linked file, and use export 2d view to get a .dxf. You can link to more than one .slvs and export the combination as a dxf, assuming all are sketches in 2d.
Wed Jul 1 2020, 17:09:59
(no subject) (by Maurizio Ferreira)
You can open two istances of Solvespace.
On one you can work on your "cloud", on the other on the main project
You can modify the cloud and save it, then you can switch to the other instance and hit the "space" key.
It will reload the updated version of the cloud.
Sun Jul 19 2020, 16:42:25
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