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Coincidence constraints on more than 2 points. (by sirion)
Suppose you have points A, B and C (say each one is a vertex of a different rectangle, but it doesn't really matter). I want to achieve the following:

- Constrain those 3 points to be coincident.
- Constrain those 3 points (that are now coincident) to be also coincident with the origin O.
- In future I may need to be able to detach those 3 point from the origin and move the elsewhere, but still retaining A, B and C coincident.

How do I achieve this? I'm still a beginner and it seems to me that when I set a coincidence constraint on more than 2 points the original points are forgotten and replaced with just one point.
Sun Jun 21 2020, 06:32:53
(no subject) (by Andrew)
All the points are still there, along with each constraint added. What is not controllable is which of two coincident points is chosen. However, by making the corners coincident before making the coincident with the origin, only one of the points is made coincident with the origin. Make that constraint the last one added for the group objects, and it will be the last constraint shown in the properties browser, or the last for that group of objects if you add more objects, where it can be selected and deleted to allow the group to be moved.

If you make a corner of each object coincident with origin, the program give the origin preference for the constraint,, and you will have to removes all three constraints, and re-constrain the drawing.
Sun Jun 21 2020, 09:35:48
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