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scripting (by Mario)
I wish to express my admiration for this great little software, a real gem: intuitive, powerful and essential (6MB no dependencies nor installation, wow!). The main feature I really feel to miss, after completing the tutorials, is some scripting ability, a way to create with a human readable script (language, CSON or whatever) the same document I can create with the mouse. Apart from that, keep up the good work!
Thu Jun 18 2020, 10:21:31
scripting (by Geert Hospers)
Here is a Windows version 3.0 cli.exe with a command line interface
Tue Jun 23 2020, 08:04:41
(no subject) (by Mario)
Thanks for the link, I downloaded `solvespace-cli.exe` but nothing seems to happen. More probably a windows pops up but is closed immediatly due to some kind of error.
Mon Jun 29 2020, 05:20:45
scripting (by Geert Hospers)
I just tried, and it works.
You have to run cmd in Windows, and then run

The cmd window will show what and how you can do with it.
Tue Jul 7 2020, 17:04:50
scripting (by Mario)
You are right, it works, but from what I understand such command line interface has only post-production (mainly exports) commands operating on existing drawing files. So it is not possible to create a parametric CAD drawing through scripting.
Mon Jul 13 2020, 21:52:03
scripting (by Albert)
There is a python package for the solvespace solver utilities, it might be something similar to what you are looking for (but not exactly): .

Do note, that I have not used this. I've only skim read through the API.

I noticed it on the GitHub pull request page:
Tue Jul 14 2020, 06:07:43
scripting (by Mario)
Thanks, that's interesting but it seems still at early stage and I'm not a pro, to start I need at least a conda command to install everything from stratch and a "Hello world" example.
Thu Jul 16 2020, 09:23:28
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