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Number of control points for bezier curves (by sirion)
I need to draw some "long" bezier curve but at the moment I can draw only 12 control points before solvespace automatically stops to draw the bezier curve.

Is there a way to increase the number of allowed control points? Is there some constant/parameter I can change in the source code and the recompile?

My solvespace version is: Version 3.0 (3.0~89e6559e).

Thank you!
Sun Jun 14 2020, 17:17:15
(no subject) (by Paul)
One option would be to use two bezier curves that share an end point. In that case each curve will have a control point that is not on the curve, take the control point from each curve and connect them with a line segment (make it a construction line) and then click the shared end point and the line segment and press "m" to force the common point to the midpoint of the segment. That will ensure continuity of the curve (no sharp point where they connect) by making them both parallel to that line.

In general, changing the maximum number of control points is possible but it will make your version of solvespace incompatibe with all others. If it's an honest one-off (which things never are) you should be able to change the definition of MAX_POINTS_IN_ENTITY in solvespace.h to something more. This will make your files incompatible (even if you don't use more than 12 points I think), so you really should look for solutions like the one above using multiple beziers instead. But you did ask ;-)
Sun Jun 14 2020, 19:57:24
(no subject) (by Tom)
Or just constrain the two curves to share an endpoint, and then select both and constrain parallel. That will make them tangent where it joins, and it works on arcs and lines too.
Sun Jun 14 2020, 22:28:14
(no subject) (by Paul)
Yes, like Tom said. I thought I tried that and the parallel constraint didn't work, but I just tried again and it works fine. Not sure what happened before.
Sun Jun 14 2020, 23:18:55
(no subject) (by sirion)
It works. Thank you!
Sun Jun 21 2020, 06:06:54
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