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incorrect coordinates in g-code export (by Alex B)

I've been playing with the g-code export capability to see if I can use it for some CNC work, and ran into this problem with the attached file - entire drawing is located in the upper right quadrant of the XY plane, but G-Code contains negative Y coordinates. I've been moving it around and seems like X behaves more consistently, turning negative when the drawing is in the left side, but Y is strange - I was able to get it to turn positive by placing it higher up, but I can't determine the pattern. Any ideas ?
Sun May 3 2020, 04:03:28, download attachment hello_world.slvs
(no subject) (by Tom)
Are you using "export canvas size" with "fixed" or "auto" (from the configuration screen)? I think with fixed the center of the view matters (like where you see it on screen), so you have to drag it or center it or something.
Sun May 3 2020, 16:50:12
(no subject) (by Alex B)
Tried both fixed and auto. Also tried messing with the margins. Pretty easy to reproduce the problem - export g-code from the drawing I've provided with whatever modifications, and then using text editor search for Y- in the resulting file.
Mon May 4 2020, 00:46:42
(no subject) (by Tom)
I chose fixed with zero offsets, centered the view on the origin, did export view, and I got no negative Y coordinates. Where do you see the green origin thing after you export (maybe post a screenshot)?
Mon May 4 2020, 23:21:33
(no subject) (by Alex B)
Here is a screenshot. When you say centered view on the origin, what did you do ? I think that's what I am missing...
Tue May 5 2020, 00:48:43, download attachment hello_world_export.png
(no subject) (by Alex B)
Okay, I think I got it. I clicked on the point in lower/left corner, then did View / Center View At Point, and it then did what I expect. No way I would have figured that out :D

Also seems like it exports all the construction lines, dimensions, etc, unless suppressed from view before export.
Tue May 5 2020, 00:53:17
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