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Stopping an extrusion (by James)
Hi all,

Thanks for solving my question from this morning but now I have another.

I am drawing too pipes, one horizontally and the other entering the horizontal one at 45 degrees. I would the extrusion of the angled pipe to wrap around the curved outer surface of the horizontal pipe but not to extend into it so that flow in the horizontal pipe is not obstructed by the angled pipe coming in. I hope that makes sense.

In programmes like Sketchup there is an intersection option and I'm hoping that there might be something like that in solvespace. Unfortunately I can't use the snap option because the inside of the pipe is a curved surface.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Tue Apr 21 2020, 23:40:52
(no subject) (by Andrew)
One option is to create two cylinders, with the second on the slanted plane, centered on the axis of the first. You can the hollow them out to pipes by two more extrusion of cylinders. To create the slanted plane, draw construction lines on the first extrusion, with their common point on the axis of the cylinder.. Note that planes are selectable, click the dotted line. When you extrude the second cylinder, the drawing will likely turn red, which is the NURBS problem showing up. The fix is to use ''force NURBS surface to triangle mesh'.

While a pipe can be created from a single drawing, by concentric circles, difference operations are need to deal with the Intersection, sa may as well just use cylinders in this case.
Wed Apr 22 2020, 03:04:07
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