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RFE: automatically give focus to dimensioning parameter when first instantiated (by DIV)
SolveSpace has a great feature in allowing the user to enact many commands from the keyboard using shortcuts/hotkeys.
A typical example is in creation of a constraint, which could be a dimensioning constraint (length, angle, ...) or a positioning constraint (superimposing points, ...).

In the case of dimensioning constraints, there is a parameter that must be set. Currently SolveSpace sets this automatically to the current dimension in the sketch. However, I expect that this will be seldom appropriate. Even if the user can manage to draw a line of 9.98 units by eye, if they really wanted to constrain its length to exactly 10 units, then they still have to manually override the default behaviour. I would say that I _always_ have to manually override the default behaviour.

Of course, it isn't too hard to click onto the graphical depiction of the dimensioning constraint, giving it the 'focus' and thereby allowing the parameter value to be edited.

However, if other users have a similar workflow to me, it would make sense to _automatically_ give focus to the constraint parameter when the dimensioning constraint is first instantiated. The current default value can still be filled in initially, but it would be highlighted and 'selected'.
In the rare cases where the user doesn't want to manually choose a different value, they could simply press one key on the keyboard (or mouse) to accept it, without having to move the mouse to a special location.
To override the default value, the user would no longer have to bother to (re)select the constraint just created, but could simply overtype the selection, and then confirm the new value. Much easier, and no need for a mouse.
Sat Oct 26 2019, 01:41:27
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Thu Dec 5 2019, 09:08:58
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