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RFE: interaction of solid parts — "minimum distance" constraint (by DIV)

It is great that there is ability already in SolveSpace to create LINKAGES to construct 'machines' in 2D or even 3D.

One nice feature to add would be ability for one object to 'push' another object only when they come into contact. For example, if I swing a hammer at a nail, at first the hammer moves freely and the nail is motionless; then when they 'connect', the nail is pushed (along an axis) at the same rate as the hammer's motion.

Another variant would be the ability of one object to 'prevent the motion' of another object _when_ they come into contact.
For example, if I swing a hammer at an anvil, at first the hammer moves freely and the anvil is motionless; then when they 'connect', the hammer cannot move any further.

I suspect that this would be difficult to implement as an 'automatic' feature, which is why I would like to make a suggestion (or a Request For Enhancement) for the implementation of a new "minimum distance" constraint.

Currently the distance between objects can be measured, or constrained to a constant value.
If it were possible to specify a _minimum_ (or _maximum_) value of the distance constraint, then a lot of interesting behaviour could be created.

Besides the effort to code it up, the only conceptual difficulty I foresee is how to count up the DOF. A min/max distance constraint would have a sort of fuzzy DOF effect: often no effect on DOF, but occasionally it would reduce the DOF, depending upon the positioning of the respective objects.
Tue Oct 15 2019, 20:17:10
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
Already implemented as prototype, waiting for merge into master branch
Fri Nov 8 2019, 10:39:32
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