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Transparent solids: the importance of ordering (BUG?) (by DIV)
Hello, all.

I have just been puzzling out the transparency features in SolveSpace. Transparency is a vitally important aspect of my present design, so I am glad it was implemented.
(See;parent=628&tt=1429986374 for some historical comments.)

However, I was surprised to discover that the transparency allows only objects at the present level (in the group hierarchy) or earlier to be seen.

This is my experience:
1. Create part file "leg" (opaque).
2. Create part file "seat" (transparent).
3. Create part file "backrest" (opaque).
4. In new file, "chair", assemble by adding objects in the above order.
The legs will be (partially) visible through the seat, but the backrest will not be.

Fortunately it is not too difficult to work around.
Indeed, I discovered that groups can be 'inserted' too. For example, if I want a further part ("cushion", perhaps) to be visible through the seat, then in file "chair" I should make the "leg" group active, so that the new part will be inserted as a new group before the "seat" layer.

(Actually it would therefore also be handy to be able to adjust the ordering of layers/groups, but currently I can't see that this is possible in SolveSpace — unless perhaps by manually editing the relevant file.)

Yours faithfully,
Sat Oct 12 2019, 06:57:18
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
Transparency is just headace of computer graphics. I think we can switch off depth test for transpatent surfaces and this can be ok.
Tue Nov 5 2019, 23:45:23
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
*headache *transparent
Tue Nov 5 2019, 23:46:28
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