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Puzzled by rotations (by Maurizio Ferreira)
I really don't understand how rotation of a linked object works.
Just to do some experiment, I've made a simple cube object and than imported it in a new project.

I'm able to select , move and rotate it, but it seems to me that the 'pivot' point of rotation is arbitrarily selected.

Some time, selecting and edge of the cube and trying to rotate, it rotates around the near corner, other times it rotates around a different corner, and other times it doesn't rotate at all.

Using the Ctrl button a green line appears, with an extremity fixed on a point of the screen and the other that follows the mouse movement.

To show it I have to click on an edge, drag the object somewere, press the ctrl button and drag around the mouse.
The origin of this line seems to be the location of the first click.
However if I move the mouse near this original point, the rotation stops.

If I click on an edge, and press the ctrl button without having dragged the object, the rotation does not starts.

Any explanation ?

Best regards.

Sun Sep 8 2019, 06:32:57
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