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Solvespace extremely slow (by Maurizio Ferreira)
In the attached project "assieme", (it is an electrostatic generator), try to properly orient and position the second "leyda" object
the program is terribly slow to move or rotate it, and it seems hung even if in reality it not so.

What can I (or you) do ?

Some spec :

notebook Hp envy 15, cpu I7, 12 gb ram, 1Tb disk, linux Mint 19.2
Sat Sep 7 2019, 13:16:32, download attachment
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I tried the files in version 2.3, and as you say Solvespace is slow. I also tried the project in version 3, in a VM and it was much more responsive. Both under Manjaro, which makes has both versions available via the AUR. the real machine has 8G memory, and the virtual 4G).
The .deb for version 3 is available here.

While this version will open version 2 files, version2 can have problems with files saved under version 3. You could use a virtual machine to run version 3 if you do not want to replace you existing install.
Sat Sep 7 2019, 15:18:01
Solvespace extremely slow (by Maurizio Ferreira)
I downloaded, compiled and started Solvespace, and I found by chance, than starting it from command line it emits some debug/warning information.
this version is much quicker than the previous one.

Surely my project has some problem, particulary in the "dado40" component, used by "leyda", that in turn is included in the "insieme" project.
In effect, the troubles started when I replaced a previous component, a sphere, with this "dado40" object.

Now, when I loaded the "insieme" project, I saw that both the "Leyda" objects were rendered only as an outline, without shading.
Then I opened the "Leyda" object and I saw that the "Dado40" object was rendered only as an outline.
However, when I open the "Dado40" object, it was rendered correctly.

At this point I restarted Solvespace, and opened in this order, "Dado40", "Leyda" and "Assieme".
Attached is a log of all warnings I received.

Any suggestion ?
Best regards


(p.s. Solvespace Is a great program !!!)
Sun Sep 8 2019, 03:07:56, download attachment
it seems solved (by Maurizio Ferreira)
I redesigned the "dado40" component, dis some minor modification to "termina-asse", "terminal-completo", and "leyda", and now it works.

However the program is still slow (not as before) while moving/rotate components.

I include the full project FYI.

Any suggestion ?
Sun Sep 8 2019, 05:11:43, download attachment
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Solvespace caches solved geometry in its files, which is why you need to open and save your way up an assembly chain when you modify a lower level object. Changes between version looks to require this as well. Staging the build up via sub assemblies, or a chain of drawing of increasing complexity may gain a bit of speed, as it reduces the load on the solver.
Sun Sep 8 2019, 05:49:20
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