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In Introductory tutorial, extruding through radiused inside corner (by Mark de Roussier)
Hi there,

I noticed when going through the introductory tutorial that I could not use the technique described for extruding the holes if the holes would intersect the surface of the inside corner. There appeared to be no way to place the point corresponding to the centre of 'hole' onto the surface generated by extruding the tangent curve.

So I have two questions. Firstly, if I cannot place a point on this surface, why not ? In what sense it is not a 'first class' surface ? Secondly, is there a workaround for doing a boolean operation 'through' such a surface ?

Mark de Roussier
Tue Aug 27 2019, 19:50:34
(no subject) (by Andrew)
What you can do, is create a work plane orientated normal to the axis of the intended hole, by adding construction lines and points as needed in 2d or 3d space. Which is the way to create a work plane not aligned to the basis X,Y, or Z planes. for creating a hole into, or through a solid. Selecting a point, and two lines on the required plane then sketch in new plane (shift w). The extrusion can start and/or end outside the solid without any problem. For point on line or plane constraints it is the logical infinite version that apply,
Tue Aug 27 2019, 20:57:28
(no subject) (by Paul)
>> Firstly, if I cannot place a point on this surface, why not ? In what sense it is not a 'first class' surface ?

Solvespace only allows sketching on a 2D workplane. This plane can be defined in a number of ways but is not actually a surface. The initial sketch you create is not on any surface for example, it's just floating in space.
Wed Aug 28 2019, 11:00:48
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