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workplanes (by robert)
I am trying to design a kitchen useing solvespace.
I have experience with autocad but want to learn some free cad programs.

my problem is the workplanes , I am sure there is a simple way to change them.
example i draw the top of a kitchen cupboard 564mm by 18mm.
I extrude it. make it 570mm deep
I do this with the sides and bottom.
I want to draw the back of the cupboard.
but untill now i cant figure out how to switch from xy axis to xz or yz or to move the axis to somewhere else.

I have tried reading tutorials, watching them,

if someone can point me in the right direction, I am sure it can not be that difficult, just one of those tricks.
any help greatly appreciated
Wed Jun 19 2019, 11:54:29
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The quick way is to select a point on the required plane, rotate the drawing so that you view is close to normal to the plane, and then 'sketch on plane' (<shift>W) will select the nearest of the X,Y or Z plane as the orientation of the work plane through the point.

Otherwise a point and two lines can be used to define the plane, by selecting them ans then 'sketch in plane'.
Wed Jun 19 2019, 15:58:25
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