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Solvespace spanish translation (by Jes Consuegra)
The translation is ongoing, (now it's at 64%). I use Poedit.

I plan to have it finished in a few days, the I'll try to integrate it and do the first test. I have some experience in software translations to spanish, so I know the usual problems (words and sentences much larger in Spanish than in English, menu items not having the shortcut letter, etc.)
(I'm doing the translation to Spanish of Spain not to the South American variants).

Some questions:

1). I understand the items inside brackets are internal variables or something alike (i.e. '[button]'). If I am right, they should not be translated. Could you please confirm it?.

2). Do items prefixed with an underscore have a special meaning? (i.e. '_Cancel')
Should I translate them or let as they are?.

3). Which is the max size of a menu item? (If there is any).

Thanks in advance.
Sun Jun 2 2019, 19:03:10
75% translation completed (by Jes Consuegra)
Any kind soul that could answer my questions?.

Wed Jun 5 2019, 12:50:20
como podria ayudar? (by Francisco Javier)
No tengo ni idea de inglés :-(
Pero tengo experiencia en Autocad y "algo" de Freecad.
También Librecad, además de Gimp e IInkscape.
Me gustaría probar esa traducción.
Uso Xubuntu 18.4.
Thu Apr 30 2020, 11:43:25
(no subject) (by Paul)
Go over to github and open an issue for your translation "feature" and ask there.

I can't answer questions about translation, but for #3 I don't think there's really a limit but you want the menus to look good. Are you able to build/run with your partial translation to see how it looks?
Fri May 1 2020, 19:47:37
Answer to Paul (by Jes Consuegra)
Hi Paul, thanks for answering, I just noticed it.
I undesrtand that most of the communication and error reporting is on Github now, I'll try to recover my partial translation (it was done more than one year ago and I didn't receive any feedbak until your message) and ask the questions there.
Wed Sep 9 2020, 10:20:36
Respuesta a Francisco Javier (by Jes Consuegra)
Hola, voy a ver si retomo la traducción, había algunos problemas/dudas técnicos para continuarla y se quedó parada por falta de respuesta.
Voy a retomarla en cuanto pueda, ahora todos los temas de errores, etc se llevan desde Github.
Wed Sep 9 2020, 10:23:36
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