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Rounded corners (by Paul)

I created a rectangular shape with rounded corners with Rectangle tool and then Tangent Arc on all 4 corners. I needed to select 1st and 2nd arcs, constraint them on equal radius. Then select 2nd and 3rd arcs with applying the same constraint and then 3rd and 4th with applying the same constraint. I am able to change the diameter only once then, which is great. Applying constraint directly on selected 4 arcs wasn't possible.

Is it the right way to create rounded corners or is there a better way?

I extruded the shape and set the thickness by distance constraint, but couldn't see the width and height constraints previously created on the shape. Is it because I am on Extrusion and not on the shape? So is it better to create rectangle without constraints first, extrude and then apply constraints in 3d to be visible together with thickness constraint?
Sun Sep 28 2014, 13:16:56
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
That's a reasonable way to create a rectangle (or other shape) with rounded corners.

When the extrusion group is active, the geometry of the plane rounded rectangle is already completely determined, either by constraints in earlier groups or just where you dragged it. So in the extrusion group, it's no longer possible to change anything other than the extrusion depth. So the sequence that you used is correct.
Sun Sep 28 2014, 14:44:48
(no subject) (by Paul)
Well OK and is there a solution for rounded corners in 3d? I mean when the particular corner looks like a quarter of shere or something like that.
Sun Sep 28 2014, 16:44:57
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