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Adjust off-curve B├ęzier nodes? (by William Adams)
Am I missing something or is it not possible to adjust these?

I'd like to be able to set them to the "Rule of 30" so that each off-curve node is 30% of the distance from the associated on-curve point, 40% away from the next off-curve node, and that on-curve node is 30% away from its associated on-curve node.
Sun Apr 14 2019, 09:21:07
correction (by William Adams)
Last line should read:

>and that off-curve node is 30% away from its associated on-curve node.
Sun Apr 14 2019, 12:13:21
(no subject) (by William Adams)
Managed to find: and am able to adjust the off-curve nodes for non-closed paths and edit them as I am accustomed to.

Apparently closing the curve makes them into Quadratic B splines? I still can't figure out how to adjust the off-curve nodes on a closed curve.
Sun Apr 14 2019, 13:01:23
(no subject) (by Tom)
Can you draw an open curve, and then constrain the endpoints on top of each other, and on a construction line between the control points?
Sun Apr 14 2019, 22:37:34
(no subject) (by William Adams)
That's a good question --- still learning, I'll have to try that.
Mon Apr 15 2019, 09:02:35
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
When you are creating bezier with more than 4 pts it will actully creates more than one cubic splines connected preserving g2(c2)-continuity (smooth connection of second derivatives). For free-modifing bezier curve, you should create several 4-pts entities (for example, press B->LMB->move mouse->RMB). Then copy-paste this entity many times and connect points and constrain off-curve points.
Wed Apr 24 2019, 05:21:12
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