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Allow redundant constraint to solve the constraints (by Kishor Meshram)

I tried creating a sketch which has redundant constraint in sketch editor of Solve Space. If I made the sketch for "allowRedundant" the sketch works well.

The same thing i replicated in example_2d.cpp but it failed to solve gave an error status as "SolveResult::REDUNDANT_DIDNT_CONVERGE"

Attached is the sketch geometry i am trying
Wed Mar 20 2019, 01:22:18, download attachment Solve_Space_RedundantConstraint_Issue.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Looking at the image, either set the length of one of the vertical sides only, or the bottom angle, but not both sides and the angle. Your lengths or angle are not accurate enough for the solver.

P.s., it is better to attache the .slv file as then other people can look at what you have actually done.
Wed Mar 20 2019, 05:59:46
Resolved (by Kishor Meshram)
Thanks Andrew, for your reply.

The issue is Solved. Angle always getting applied for two vector. Here the direction of the vectors are not fitting the angle provided i.e. 45 degrees. If i change the angle value to other supplementary angle i.e. 135 the sketch got created.

Solve space documentation:
This constraint sets the angle between two vectors. A vector is anything with a direction; in SolveSpace, line segments and normals are both vectors. (So the constraint could apply to two line segments, or to a line segment and a normal, or to two normals.)
Fri Mar 22 2019, 01:40:33
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