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beginner documentation (by Jay Sprenkle)
I have several questions. If anyone has a moment?

* What is a group? They're mentioned but not explained. The documentation does not start with the basics and they're unlike any other 3d modeling program I'm familiar with.

* I'm trying to create a beveled cube. I drew a rectangle. I couldn't figure out how to set the dimensions so I constrained the x and y edges to the dimensions I wanted. I then extruded along the z axis to make a cube. Again, no way to set the distance so I constrained the z axis to the height dimension. I tried to reduce the size of the top face of the cube. I can't change the size so I constrained the sides to a smaller size. It throws an error. Relaxing the constraints clears the error and allows a new constraint but it doesn't change the size of the top face.

"The definition of frustration: Failing and having no idea why."
Wed Feb 6 2019, 15:44:25
(no subject) (by Andrew)
A group is the entity that appears in the properties browser, and is created via the new group menu, and is a step in creating a model, that is sketch, extrude, etc.

Your best starting place is to look at the tutorials.
Wed Feb 6 2019, 16:46:53
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