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SolveSpace on Thingiverse (by Paul)
Just FYI There is a solvespace group on thingiverse. I thought it a good idea to include models created with SS there to see and learn while getting it more exposure.
Sun Jan 20 2019, 16:01:50
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Hi Paul, first I think this is a good initiative. I do think that for uploaded models it is necessary to incude the .slvs files and not just the stl. Users can learn a lot from that.
Wed Jan 23 2019, 05:30:44
(no subject) (by Paul)
>> I do think that for uploaded models it is necessary to incude the .slvs files and not just the stl.

Good point. I uploaded a few more .slvs files so all my models have them now. For the PC you still have to follow the link to github, but the rest are there now. There's a bonus in the fan light too that's really wild - shows how to make some spirals (not screw threads). That one's a really simple model for as complex as it looks.

It would be nice to have more members in the group and more models ;-)
Mon Jan 28 2019, 20:48:33
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Thanks. I like the Candy Dish and the Fan Light models. Very creative.

Solvespace is awesome but the community around it is unfortunately weak. There is this forum and Github, but that's more for development. I've got a lot of comments on my YouTube channel of people that are thrilled about Solvespace so I'm sure the user base is there.

In one of my next videos I'll mention your Thingiverse group and hope that helps a bit.
Tue Jan 29 2019, 07:39:30
(no subject) (by Andreas Thorn)
And for all the lazy people like me who has got a jug of coffee in one hand and thus can't really type that good in the thingiverse search, here is the link :)
Fri Mar 1 2019, 02:29:17
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