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First assembly attempt help (by Michael)
I've watched the assembly tutorial and am trying to create an assembly of 2 parts.

First - upon importing the first part, I don't see any points and I've been unable to expose or un-hide the points to use them.

Second - after importing the second part, the 2 parts act and move together, I can't discover how to move the second part relative to the first.

Please advise what I'm doing wrong....

Thank you in advance!
Sat Dec 22 2018, 12:21:31, download attachment BackingPlate and RotatingHead Assy.slvs
(no subject) (by Michael)
Okay, I figured it out myself. I saved the two parts after clicking "hide all". So when I imported the parts into the assembly file, there are no points visible.

Simple fix, re-save the files after clicking "show all" before importing.

Not intuitive.
Sat Dec 22 2018, 19:05:59
(no subject) (by Michael)
Also, just realized the designer must plan ahead and be sure there will be points to align when assembling the parts. I didn't know to do that, before just now....

BTW, the importing of a part should automatically enable "show all". That would be an easy enough fix to incorporate in the import routine.
Sat Dec 22 2018, 19:11:25
Hide command (by Rick)
Why would the Hide command have this effect? I thought Hide existed to avoid confusing the human with to many details.

Sun Dec 23 2018, 00:10:23
(no subject) (by Thomas Knight)
As for Hidden points...

It's possible (and useful) to chain assemblies, so that changes made in any file propagate through to both intermediate and final assemblies. This allows single-change locations. I suspect the hidden points behavior is a consequence of this. The idea is to respect everything in the imported part's original file, even if that means having to go back to that file to show points.

BTW, it's not intuitive, but is mentioned in my Learning Guide, linked to on the Tutorials page.

As for imported parts moving together...
Did you figure this out? I haven't experienced the problem.

Also, planning ahead is good but all constraints, including distance, e.g., should get you the relative placements of parts you need.
Fri Jan 18 2019, 19:38:34
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