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noob problem with extrude (by Michael)
I feel so silly posting this but try as hard as I can, I can't get extrude to work after executing step and repeat rotate.

The error I see is: Select a workplane (Sketch -> In Workplane) before
extruding. The sketch will be extruded normal to
the workplane.

I've tried clicking on everything I can think of but the error keeps coming back. I've started over several times from a new sheet too.

Thank you in advance - I won't be a noob forever...
Thu Dec 20 2018, 23:20:16, download attachment Rotating Tool Holder 3.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You need to select a workplane, and enable sketch in workplane in the sketch menu. Enable 'show workplane from inactive groups' (left icon in property browser) and the plane on which you sketched the circle will show up, labeled as sketch in plane, select it, enable sketch in workplane and your can do the extrude.
Fri Dec 21 2018, 06:30:46
(no subject) (by Michael)
Thank you, Andrew. I finally got it to work. Next problem, I designed an edge hole (at the 3:00 o'clock position) from the perimeter to the closest axial hole then step rotated the edge hole so there would be 6. The stepped hole 180 degrees across (at 9:00 o'clock position) is fine but the 4 additional edge holes all show to have interference. What have I done wrong now?

New example file attached.

Also, I am unable to constrain end points on either end of the radial holes to the outside curved surface or the inside hole surface of the axial hole. Is this a known limitation?
Fri Dec 21 2018, 11:10:49, download attachment Rotating Tool Holder 4.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
That 'interference' is a known problem, and can be got round by 'Force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh'.
Fri Dec 21 2018, 11:28:41
(no subject) (by Michael)
Andrew, thank you! That took care of the "interference" problem.

Is there any advice for constraining endpoints of the radial holes to the outside curved surface and/or the inside axial hole surface?

Also, can someone explain why the attached file is only a wireframe? I drew a large circle in the XY plane, constrained to the XY origin. Then drew a smaller hole constrained to the horizontal axis and a distance from origin. I step rotated the smaller circle to make 6 of them, then extruded the result. I don't understand why it is only a wireframe and not a solid. File attached.

Thank you in advance!
Fri Dec 21 2018, 16:14:32, download attachment axial hole example.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I think your problem with 'wire framing' is because you are extruding the rotation group, and that does not include the large circle. Your first approach, create a disk and then subtract the rotation group is the better approach.

As to the radial hole, creating the drawing plane from the end of a diameter constrains that end to the diameter. I cannot see any easy way to constrain the inner end, though its actual length does not matter so long as it remain in the axial holes. You could constrain that point to the axial hole center, and accept redundant constraint.
Fri Dec 21 2018, 16:50:11
(no subject) (by Michael)
"Wire framing" - I understand. I was trying to make it easier to create the basic shape with holes already designed. My hobby is large scale model railroading and I plan to design locomotive spoked drive wheels one day (soon, I hope). I will revert to the first method at your suggestion.

Thank you for replying about my radial hole question. I appreciate your counsel and advice.
Fri Dec 21 2018, 20:04:49
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