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solver branch, library (by blobfish)
I am using the solvespace solver as a c++ library and I am getting great results! Thanks for making this available through an open source license.

I am developing on linux and downloaded and compiled the '2.x' branch. Being able to run the actual application was crucial for me to learn and use the library effectively. Now I am taking my project to other platforms and want a minimal build of the solvespace solver library, so I tried to use the 'solver' branch. There has been enough changes between the branches that I am running into build errors. I can work through this, but I have a couple of questions.

Is the 'solver' branch dead. Any info about when/if it will be updated?

Please take no offense: From looking at the code, it appears that the library was an after thought. Has there been any talk of making the solver library a 'first class citizen' of the project? I can elaborate, if needed.

Thanks again.
Mon Dec 10 2018, 20:08:33
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
The library was very much an afterthought; but at least the ugliness is mostly hidden behind a semi-reasonable interface. What platforms are you looking to port to?
Tue Dec 11 2018, 02:42:15
(no subject) (by blobfish)
Thanks for the response.

I am working towards windows 10 right now and hopefully Macosx someday. I have recently discovered vcpkg, so maybe that can be used to install all of the dependencies. However, I don't like the idea of installing all those gui libs that I don't need.

I have been working with OpenCasCade for years, so your interface is great!
Tue Dec 11 2018, 08:21:18
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