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good object in solvespace will not export (by Fred Johnson)
I have a good object designed in solvespace but it will not export as a triangle mesh or a 3d wireframe either.
Maybe someone can tell me why the attached file will not export. It hangs the program.

I had hoped I could use solvespace to design parts to be 3d
printed. Unfortunately I had to use emachine shop to make this 3d part and export it to a STL format so I could send it to a 3d print shop.

Mon Oct 1 2018, 21:29:08, download attachment FWD022A.slvs
can't get STL (by Fred Johnson)
This was the file I was able to design in eMachine shop.
Its usually easier to make some radii I find it next to impossible to do in solvespace.
Mon Oct 1 2018, 21:33:41, download attachment FWD022A.stl
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Using version 2.3~7c1ca460 on Manjaro I was able to export an STL without any problems, and it looked good in Slic3R.
Tue Oct 2 2018, 05:18:52
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
I was able to export to stl on OSX using Version 3.0 (3.0~33b6e517). However Solvespace prompted that the mesh is self intersecting wich was confirmed by MeshLab. Cura on the other hand had no trouble loading the stl.

You could try to remove the g00f sketch, which is empty, and enable force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh in g003-rotate.

Thu Oct 4 2018, 05:13:16
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