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2d export and generated borders (by Maurizio Ferreira)
In a 2d view export, the lines resulting from extruding or late
don't appear in the exported image.

This is quite annoying if you want to generate an outline quoted picture of your project.

(see attached examples)

Can we do something about it ?

Best regards.
Sun Sep 16 2018, 03:45:14, download attachment
re: 2d export and generated borders (by XRTRX)

I wasn't able to duplicate your result in 2.3~7c1ca460.

See attached for cylinder output.

With g004 active and shown (only), output was a rectangle with dimensions, as one would expect. See file ...g4active&shown.pdf.

For fun, I ticked Shown for g3, and enabled Hidden lines in the PropBrowser visibility iconbar, and it added the dashed, extruded origin line from g3, also as expected. See file ...g4active-g3shown-wHidden.pdf

I noticed that you have 2 pt-pt-distance constraints for the length of the extrusion, which isn't needed. You could delete g004 and the constraint in g003 would suffice.

I did this, and exported 2D View with just g3 active & shown, yielding the same output as with g4. See file ...g3active&shown.pdf

I also did a view rotated some. The output is as expected--the solid model lines are projected into the plane of the view screen. Since I cleared Shown for g3, the dimension is not in the output. See file g3active&notshown-oblique.pdf.

I'd suggest checking "fix white exported lines" in the configuration but I don't think that's the problem.
Thu Nov 1 2018, 00:38:01, download attachment
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