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Filleting and Counterboring on a curved surface (by Fred Johnson)
I am learning solvespace as a substitute for Solidworks, a multi-thousand dollar program that crashes a lot and maintains the same failings year after to year and so far solvespace is far superior in so many ways. It has some difficulty doing things that most high powered CAD packages do like filleting around a hemispherical end of a part or putting a counter bore on a curved surface.

I was able to that on this part by using the assembly feature. I modeled the base part as the center section with the corners filleted in the extrude. Then in a separate part, I made the ends by revolving the fillet around 360 degrees, and the cutting the result into the hemispherical half moon piece that I needed.

In assembly I put the two ends together to match the fillets. Great, however I still needed the counter bore. To do this I used a work plane on one of the half moon pieces and extruded a square as a union that would fit by counter bore diameter such that the counterbore would wipe out the extrusion when it was modelled. It did give a nice flat work plane surface on the end of the half-moon. There I was able to cut the hole and counter bore perfectly.

Then going to assembly it showed up perfectly. There is a little imperfection on one end. I could not get the M command to place a point in the middle of a line, so I dimensioned it to the center and made a small circle cut to have something in the assembly to glue the parts together. That could be fixed by I am lazy.

If you want the pdf file as me since I can only attach one file at a time.

Wed Aug 22 2018, 07:54:45, download attachment FWD020.slvs
(no subject) (by app4soft)
When try open "FWD020.slvs" it's look like some assembled/linked parts required:

> The linked file "../FWD020Half.slvs" is not present.

So, upload all files please (as single ZIP archive)

> I can only attach one file at a time.

Just compress all files in single ZIP archive and upload it.
Wed Aug 22 2018, 16:52:42
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