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2D dxf export (by Mattia)
Good morning to everyone.
I want to export a part with some holes in a dxf file, then open it in librecad to doing the technical drawing. The problem is that the holes are not a circle, but a series of very small line. Then, in librecad I can't set dimension like diameter, or I can't catch the center of that holes.
How can I do that?

Fri Apr 13 2018, 09:37:14
circle export (by FAUDAIS CHRISTIAN)
hi Mattia

Perhaps ,in configuration panel, you need to unselect export curves as piecewise linear

... then use Export 2D View

Sat Apr 14 2018, 16:14:08
(no subject) (by Mattia)
Thank you for your response.
But, that option is just unselected, it doesn't work
Mon Apr 16 2018, 17:02:23, download attachment Istantanea_2018-04-16_23-00-40.png
(no subject) (by Mattia)
One more information, I try right now to do that. The circle is one single line, if I select it, all the circle was selected. But, if I try to catch the diameter for annotate it, there is an error message "the object is not a circumference or arc"
Mon Apr 16 2018, 17:07:58, download attachment Istantanea_2018-04-16_23-05-05.png
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
I've just exported and get circle as 4 arcs. This is how it's represented in SolveSpace actually. Also, you can except exporting of some dimensions, I've tried to make it to look like in SolveSpace(in most cases). Also, you can even import them back! But round-trip breaks some things. I think in future we could export true circles and provide better import support.
Wed Apr 18 2018, 00:37:33, download attachment arcs.png
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
BTW the option "export curves as piecewise linear" seems to work for me as it should. Please, try again and ensure you have used the last version of SolveSpace.
Wed Apr 18 2018, 00:42:03
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