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can't create stl file (by Eric Buijs)
I'm making a camera case but it's impossible to export as a triangle mesh. Even worse I need to force quit Solvespace. If I remove the last extrude (g013) and the last sketch (g012), a simple hole, the file can be exported as a triangle mesh. Any ideas how to solve this?

I'm running Solvespace v2.3 on OSX (10.10.5).
Fri Apr 6 2018, 05:21:54, download attachment camera_case.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Using Manjaro and version 3.0-c6fc0125.
Exported a triangle mesh from your file with error messages:

The mesh is self intersecting (NOT OK invalid)

The mesh has naked edges (NOT OK invalid)

1707 problematic edges bad

The model contains 15655 triangles from 0 surfaces.

The exported STL sliced in sli3er and looks OK for printing.

Hope this helps.
Fri Apr 6 2018, 06:01:55
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Thanks Andrew, that's very helpful. I just took another look at the model and I found that I had 'force NURBS surfaces into triangle mesh' enabled in g00b. I disabled it and now it's ok. Loaded the stl file in Cura and it look fine.

I never knew that force into triangle mesh could cause a problem for stl files (at least on OSX).
Fri Apr 6 2018, 08:03:05
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I tried with that force nurbs off, and it reduced the issues to

The mesh has naked edges.....

8 problematic edges

it still exported what looks like a useable STL.
Fri Apr 6 2018, 08:32:44
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Same here. Apparently from the final extrude (g013). I'll try to make some adjustments to get rid of those problematic edges because the model is not finished. BTW: I completely forgot about the Show Naked Edges. So thanks again.
Fri Apr 6 2018, 11:37:01
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