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enhancement suggestion ... automatic reference dimension (by Charles Pierce)
I just found and downloaded SolveSpace and quite like it! I had a specific design problem with a 4-bar linkage, and it was easy to figure out. I wanted a fully dimensionally constrained mechanism (the link lengths and inputs) with a few other reference dimensions (the outputs). The main frustration I has with this was the reference dimensions first had to be created as constraining dimensions, which elicited an alarming red screen. The red screen disappeared as soon as I changed the over-constraining dimension to reference, but I would suggest that over-constraining dimensions be automatically created as reference dimensions, or at least alert the user that the dimension overconstrains the system and give them the option of assigning a reference dimension right away (since new dimensions can be hard to find in complex drawings). This does not change the essence of the workflow for the software, but would provide a little better experience for the user (me in this case ;-)

Thanks for a great tool!
Sat Aug 30 2014, 10:06:53
(no subject) (by Jack)
Yeah, this is similar to the request to have a "mode" for referencing dimensions and drawing construction lines. I kind of like your solution, though because it doesn't require any extra interfacing.

The analogous feature for drawing construction lines would be to have everything be a construction line by default until you actually close a set of line segments that was previously open.

That or we could hold shift / caps lock when drawing to make something automatically a reference / construction line :)

This is the best cad program I've ever seen. Perfect workflow and lightning fast to draw things!
Sun Aug 31 2014, 09:49:26
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