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thickie doesn't grasp workplanes (by NickSeee)
Hi all, enthusiastic 3d printer with very limited solvespace experience apologetically looking for help here.

In the attached (a replacement part for a smashed mirror on my favourite car) I want to be able to achieve a cutout in the extrusion where the multiple construction lines are - roundabout 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock on the piece.

I planned to create a rectangle which was tangential to the curve of the piece and extrude it through the curve to achieve the cutout. This is probably a bad plan, but I'm struggling to even try it, because I can't get passed the hurdle of getting a sensible workplane set up to draw it from... can anyone take pity and help me out please?
Wed Feb 21 2018, 06:46:17, download attachment how to get workplane at tangent to curve and extrude a cutout.PNG
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The way I have found to create the work plane is to add an arc and a line, and make them both construction, and tangent, on the base sketch. The Arc needs to be the same diameter, and have the same center as the surface arc of your part, with the common point on where you want the tangent on the periphery. After you extrude the part, you will be able to select the construction line, the line on the extrusion and the tangent point to create your workplane.

The construction are is a workaround for not being able to make a line tangent to an arc or circle unless they are joined at an end point. A feature request, it would be nice if a tangent constraint could be created if a line and an arc have common point somewhere on both.7100 MERNICO
Wed Feb 21 2018, 07:48:10
thanks Andrew (by NickSeee)
Andrew thank you SO much for the helping hand. Struggled with changing the arc to construction (for some reason it didn't change colour from white to green) but realised that at least it was getting rid of the open contour error so must be toggling successfully.

I now have a means to achieve what I needed to, and hopefully will have a part printed and my car back in one piece in a day or two. Thanks again!
Wed Feb 21 2018, 09:12:30
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