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export to svg makes square rounded (by Sam)
I am trying to export to SVG using cutter radius offset.
I tried to tweak options to get circles look like circles in the svg but in fact I got some and not all corners of my squares rounded.
So now I cannot get back a square square !

I do not understand why the inner square remains square and the outer one not...

Also forms are not closed in svg. The last point and the first one are at the same coordinates, but they are not linked. I need to get all inner elements, select the two starting and ending dots and fusion them. (in fact I do not really know if it will impact cutting, so this is an open question)

Last each element from the original sketch are all melted in one svg object, it would be nicer to have each sketch object in a distinct svg object, that objects are drawn not with backcolor but with line of size twice the cutter radius offset (inkscape is in diameter, not radius)

I had fun doing the tutos, I would be sad to go back to self made svg computing each cut radius manually...

Thanks for the soft :)
Fri Feb 9 2018, 16:01:59, download attachment 2018-02-09-213950_1197x649_scrot.png
(no subject) (by Sam)
I add the solvespace file
Fri Feb 9 2018, 16:03:08, download attachment cutsample.slvs
(no subject) (by Sam)
and the svg after rework on back and line size.
I made an example with a laser of 1mm diameter (0.5 cuttter radius in solvespace)
to check the result and besides the rounded corners it's perfect
Fri Feb 9 2018, 16:04:30, download attachment cutsample.svg
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
What's the problem with the arcs? If you move a cutter with radius r along an arc with radius r, then you cut a perfectly sharp outside corner.
Fri Feb 9 2018, 22:38:23
(no subject) (by Sam)
You are right, it is a so small curve that it will be a corner in fact.
I will try with real material cut.
Thu Feb 22 2018, 03:39:27
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